Hello filthy, we've got just the thing for you

Welcome to SoapBox

We are SoapBox and this is your new monthly subscription box. Every month we source for you the finest hand made soaps from producers throughout the UK. Each monthly box will always contain a high quality soap plus a selection of other bath time treats such as scented salts, bath soaks, bath bombs or a selection of skin care products to try. We may also send you scented room sprays or candles to try. Each month will vary with the key product being your soap bar with a few little treats for you as well. We're nice like that!

We are passionate about our products and we want you to love using them as much as we do.

Why Soap?

A few months ago I tried a quality soap bar for the first time (not that I didn't wash!). For me soap was something that your parents had in the shower and it was this yellow or orange bar that just looked awful. Thankfully soap has moved on a lot since then and after trying soap again recently I would not go back to using shower gels or body washes. Good quality hand made soaps feel and smell amazing and I absolutely love them and the massive variety that is on offer and the fact they are natural, there is minimal waste and do not contain chemicals or micro beads.

Why not shower gels?

Personal preference. For years I bought shower gels and body washes from the supermarket, about a year ago I became more interested in what I was using and switched from these products to more natural alternatives that did not contain chemicals, SLS, SLES or parabens and that did my skin so much good as I was prone to dry and itchy skin. Using soap has helped even more and I know exactly what has gone into a soap bar more than I ever will know what is in that bottle of body wash. Soap doesn't create landfill waste with empty bottles, open it, discard the wrapper and that's it.

What do I get then?

Well I want you to enjoy using quality soap as much as we do in our home. Every month will include at least one full bar of hand made soap plus other treats as well just to give you the best possible value for your money. I am also working with suppliers to try and get samples of other products too, I have also looked at getting you discounts from suppliers so that if you get something in your box you want to buy again then you should be able to do so at a discount. Also your first box will include a quality cotton face cloth as this is better for using with soap bars and finally once you have been with us for a year we will send you a birthday box FOR FREE as our way of saying thank you. All of this because we love you and we want you to love us too.

What do I need?

I would say having a bath is pretty important as some of the other products we send will be for use in the bath but not all. Also please have a sense of adventure and a desire to try something new and different each month. You will get to try a wide range of fantastic soaps from suppliers as far flung as Scotland and Cornwall and a huge range of places inbetween as well. No two months will ever be the same, can you imagine your sense of excitement when we deliver your next package...

What if I can't use a certain type of soap?

Remember each month will be different and you may not like them all. I will always try and source products that are unisex so nothing too flowery yet nothing too masculine either. If you genuinely can not use a soap then let me know and I will do my best to source you an alternative.

Am I tied into a subscription?

No, I hate being tied into a subscription. We really do love you but if for any reason (unlikely as it may be) you do not like SoapBox then you are free to cancel at any time. Please note if you buy an annual subscription we can not refund part of the payment.

How do I get in touch with you?

Where do you want to start? Talk to us, connect, tweet us just don't ring me at 2am or camp in my front garden. Cheers.

SoapBox, 3 Larchfield Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6ZB

07841 673779

How do I sign up then?

Have you not done so yet? I'm sure you want to but if you are not yet ready then pop your email in the box at the bottom of this page or if you want to go for it the range of subscriptions are below.

We would love you to join us!